Is Facebook Killing more than just the Rockstar?

Remember when you turned nine years old and you had about just as many kids to your birthday party?  If you were lucky Mom made funfetti cupcakes and you ran around so much that broccoli would have tasted good by days end.  You had a fantastic day and of course your Mom had to take […]

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Worst Morning ever!!! (Not really)

February 4th, 2013.  My Official, “I have had enough of Winter” date for 2013. Ever have one of those days where you find yourself saying one of the following to yourself… “You have got to be kidding me?!?” “Why me!” “This is ridiculous” Depending on your vernacular it might be a little more verbose (nice […]

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Finding your Art – Papier-mâché style

What is my art? This was a question that was frequently brought up at a recent Icarus Sessions that I attended.  This is something we all ask ourselves from time to time, maybe not in the same form but a pseudo version of it. What is my art? What is my purpose? What is my […]

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How to Paint a Bathtub

Update to bathroom… This website is about making failure an option.  Painting a bathtub isn’t exactly ground breaking or a huge leap of faith but I have found that sometimes I am hesitant to do stuff like this because I worry I am going to screw it up.  So, I decided to research this by […]

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15 Day Gratitude Journal

I think most years I get pretty excited for Thanksgiving, especially the most recent years because my Brother and Sister-in-Law have three little kids.  We celebrate what we call “Thanks-Mas” in addition to Thanksgiving when they come up.  We don’t see them for Christmas but still want to see the excitement of little ones opening […]

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First World Problems

I just got back from a wedding in sunny Palm Springs, CA where the daily high was between 85-93.  I am confident I didn’t see a cloud in the sky except the occasional jet leaving its trail.  It was short lived as I returned to Buffalo, NY to a cold 38 degree night.  I get […]

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Half Inch Failure

One month ago I started a challenge, dubbed the The Cambodian Children’s Workout Plan, for myself to lose 10 pounds or 2″ in my waist in one month.  The premise was that if I hit my goal I would donate to my fund for a Cambodian Family.  If I didn’t hit my goal, I would […]

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The Paradoxical Garage Door Challenge

Battling a Garage Door for 20+ Years I have a knack for having odd thoughts throughout the day.  Luckily… I have some control over my personal censorship, in order to restrain the majority of my thoughts from perforating the eardrums of those within close vicinity.  This allows me to keep my friendships in tack and also keeps […]

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How to change Careers – Interview Erik Eustice “Of The Sea”

This is my first interview with a successful entrepreneur stemming from my Goals List.  This is a great interview if you are wondering how to change careers or are considering starting up a business while having a wife and kids.  Erik Eustice is the owner of “Of The Sea”  which offers sophisticated marketing and advertising strategies […]

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Ninja Klutz – Are you one?

I was in the process of making a shake today, and the banana in my left hand decided to pry itself from my grip and jump for freedom to the kitchen floor below.  This uniformed chicken-colored-Shawshank-boomerang misjudged this particular chef.  The misstep was not lost on my right hand that snatched the little runaway, one […]

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